Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dishonesty on the Right equals another term for Obama

If President Obama is given another four years to trash the country it will be due to the muddle headed thinking and outright dishonesty of Republican and conservastive “leaders.” Unfortunately, examples of this abound.  Recent examples of dishonesty and muddled thinking areAnn Coulter's column titled “Only One Candidate is Right on The Two Most Important Issues” and Frank Donatelli's column “Remember Who We Are Fighting.”

According to Ann Coulter if we do not repeal Obamacare and halt illegal immigration the country will be permanently changed in a negative way.   Even if you accept her premise that these are the most critical issues her column does nothing to bolster her case for Romney. Instead she serves up a steaming platter of manure that is repulsive to people of all political stripes. 

Reading the headline one might think that Ann has identified two issues that she considers of paramount importance in this Presidential election and that only her favorite candidate, Mitt Romney, holds to the right position. One would be wrong.

Ann acknowledges that every candidate for the Republican nomination has pledged to repeal Obamacare. So how does Ann conclude that some candidates are not “right” on Obamacare? She applies a standard that she pulled out of thin air – or someplace less well illuminated.  Her standard is whether the candidate has won statewide election in a blue state. Such a standard would have eliminated the last two Republican president's and, arguably, every Republican President since the 20th century. 

Next Ann resorts to outright dishonesty or - if I must be charitable – sheer ignorance.  Once again every Republican candidate has pledged to control the borders and deal with illegal immigration. On the surface, at least, they are all “right” on this issue. So how does Ann determine who is right on illegal immigration? She declares by fiat that support for the E-Verify program is the litmus test.  Ann declares that only Romney and Bachman support E-Verify and that Bachman is not “right” because she “can't win.” Ann states that no one is serious if they don't support E-Verify and glibly declares that E-Verify is 99% accurate.  The truth is quite different.

DHS' own evaluation in 2009 found that more than half the time E-Verify incorrectly gave work authorization to illegal immigrants. In other words it doesn't work. The claim that it is 96% accurate (not Ann's 99%) comes from the fact that 96 percent of the people applying for the federal jobs that are required to be E-Verified are natural born citizens that no one would suspect were here illegally in the first place. Newt Gingrich doesn't support E-Verify because he wants to replace it with a more effective biometric based approach.  Ron Paul doesn't support it because there is no constitutional authority for the federal government to require everyone to submit documentation to a central government database in order to be able to work.  Both are reasonable concerns which ought to be fully vetted in the primary process. By the way, the object of Ann's lust, Mitt Romney, whom she thinks is so solid on illegal immigration, doesn't bother to discuss it on his campaign website. 

Frank Donatelli heads a political action committee, GOPAC, that tries to elect Republicans. His day job is influence peddling for a company that boasts of hiring from both sides of the aisle. When writing for GOPAC Donatelli quotes Jefferson,  “The government that governs least governs best.”   His day job prosperity depends on government governing more.  A cynic might see a conflict of interest. 

Mr. Donatelli argues that President Obama is an anti-american megalomaniac whose administration “bears the blame for our terrible economy and lack of upward mobility.”  Unfortunately this propaganda piece, intended to energize opposition to Obama, is filled with half truths and deceptions. It is part of the political tripe that has crippled our institutions,  weakened our country, and energized both the Tea Party and the co-opted and misguided Occupy movement.
Like all good propaganda there is an element of truth in Mr. Donatelli's article. Obama is a megalomaniac. Obama has no respect for the America that rebelled against a King and forged a new nation that provided more liberty and prosperity to more people than any other nation in history. Obama has no respect for the the rule of law and views the Constitution as an inconvenience. Obama has, indeed, perpetrated “a long train of abuses” designed to reduce the American people to government serfdom. Obama believes that the American people must submit themselves to government decrees on every aspect of life. He believes he has the right to force hazardous materials in our homes (hello mercury filled CFL light bulbs) and force us to purchase the healthcare he dictates. Obama is a divider who pits one group of Americans against another in order to enhance his own power. Unfortunately, so is Mr. Donatelli.
The accusations against Mr. Obama are true. But it is not just his administration and the Democrat party that has treated the Constitution as an inconvenience and pushed the American citizenry down the road to serfdom. The Republican establishment has cast many a vote for wasteful earmarks, unconstitutional subsidies, the prescription drug program, the obscene tax code, and all the other abominations of the federal government. If there was any question that the Republican establishment wasn't serious about returning the federal government to it's constitutional boundaries the debt ceiling debacle of last summer removed all doubt.  All the Republican sock puppets had to do in order to achieve a real reduction in federal spending was – nothing.  And yet they caved, cut nothing, continued with business as usual. 
This election is critical. President Obama's vision for America is decidedly different than that of the founding fathers and inimical to a free and prosperous country. So is the cynical hypocrisy of the Republican establishment that preaches limited government yet acts to grow it.  The fight is not just against Obama.  It is against every politician who sells out the constitution for the benefit of any segment of society – whether it is Wall Street bankers, Midwest corn farmers, union workers, or welfare queens. Americans are more than ever attuned to the manure excreting from the political class.  The danger is that those who believe in a limited government will lose faith in our institutions and simply stay away from the polls.  
Frank Donatelli and others like him have every right to work as influence peddlers.  When they pretend to be working for a smaller government they feed the disillusionment with the political system that will reelect Obama. Ann Coulter has every right to go into heat upon hearing Mitt Romney's voice. She doesn't have a right to mischaracterize the positions of his opponents or pretend that Mitt Romney is in  any way committed to bringing the federal government to heal in the way Ann has been writing about for years. Republicans and conservatives deserve better and the independents who will decide this election won't buy this junk either. 

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