Friday, January 13, 2012

A Campaign of Fraud

Fundamentally, Mitt Romney's campaign is based upon a fraud. I don't mean it is fraudulent in the sense that he says he is pro-life when he has a pro-abortion record. The real fraud is not that his job creation record is dubious at best. The fraud is the idea that electing Mitt Romney will make any real difference in the direction America is headed.
Mitt Romney and the rest of the Republican establishment want to make this election a choice between the evil Obama and Romney's Mom, Baseball, and Apple Pie. The message put forth is that if we can just get rid of that socialist Obama by electing Romney then the clouds will part, the sun will shine, and the flowers bloom. Don't fall for it. Obama has been an absolutely horrible president but the problems facing America can't simply be laid at his feet.

We have massively increased the federal debt since Obama took office – but the debt doesn't just belong to Obama. Republicans could have put a stop to debt increases last summer. Instead they caved and raised the debt ceiling in exchange for no spending cuts. It is true that Obama and the democrats rammed through the massive stimulus package that increased spending by $800 billion and have kept spending at the higher levels by refusing to pass a budget and operating with continuing resolutions. Republican's took over the House in 2010 and have controlled spending ever since. But the spending hasn't slowed. George Bush's greatly expanded spending with prescription drug coverage and did so with a lot of republican support.

The truth is that even if Romney is elected we will still be headed down the same highway to hell we are on today. He will just ease off the gas a little bit.

Romney says he will cut about $500 million per year in spending. Big deal. We will still be running up the debt by $700 or $800 billion every year. We will still have the NRLB preventing businesses from making economically sound decisions. We will still have the EPA declaring a new wetland whenever someone spits. We will still be giving agricultural subsidies to corporate farmers and tax breaks to companies like GE who earned their tax breaks the old fashioned way – by bribing congress. We will still have bureaucrats telling local schools what they can say at graduation. We will still have the ATF stomping all over our second amendment rights and the DEA stomping all over our gardens. We will still have the TSA molesting our wives, and daughters and the creeps at DHS monitoring our every phone call and every penny spent. Big Sis's successor will still be urging us to rat out our neighbors.

Every car on this long train of abuses will have been supported republicans. Every car will stay on the abuse train if Mitt Romney is elected. The idea that Mitt Romney will stop any of these abuses is just a fraud.

Even if Romney wanted to curb these abuses and right these wrongs he would not be able to do so without the support of congress. Romney hasn't shown any inclination to tackle these issues in a meaningful way. Most of the other candidates are either unable or unwilling to. Perry and Santorum simply haven't shown any substantive understanding of these issues or a philosophical basis to guide them. Jon Huntsman seems to have a better grasp of the issues, but, unfortunately he simply hasn't been involved long enough to build a big enough base to have any hope of making an impact. These three should simply step aside.

The Romney campaign would have us believe the fraud that, with less than 2% of the delegates decided, the primary is over. If that is true then so is the general election. Mitt Romney will not defeat Barack Obama. His record is insufficiently different from Obama and he lacks both the philosophical foundation and the rhetorical skills to win.

Both of the remaining candidates, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich, can make a plausible case for victory both in the primary and general elections if the anti-Romney vote would coalesce around them.

Ron Paul has a significant national base that is loyal and motivated. He is the anti-politician that will appeal to so many who are disaffected by the cess pool that modern politics has become. He has been completely consistent throughout his political career and has not suffered a whiff of ethical scandal. His platform of individual freedom is enormously attractive to the independents who will decide the election. Paul has three weaknesses. First, he is a horrible public speaker and has the charisma of road kill. Second, he carries the baggage of racist and anti jewish statements published in his name 20 years ago. Finally, Paul has been dismissed as a loony by the conservative and republican establishments. His first weakness cannot be corrected though it may ultimately be an appeal for independent voters. The second and third weaknesses are based upon fraud. Paul is no racist, is not anti jewish, and he has given a reasonable explanation, and apology, for the offensive statements. The third objection is laughable. Paul is dismissed by conservatives precisely on those issues where conservatives depart from their own principles. Paul's chances of winning election are perhaps less than Romney's, but if he did win he would actually pursue the changes we need.

Newt Gingrich is a horse of a different color. He is the only republican who has actually accomplished change at the federal level. He is well known nationally and has a national base. Of all the candidates, only Newt has shown the ability to demolish Obama in a debate, as well as push back effectively against a mainstream media that is in the tank for Obama. With a unified republican and conservative base behind him it is easy to envision Newt defeating Obama in a landslide and carrying a lot of conservative candidates in his draft. Unfortunately Newt carries a lot of personal baggage and is so full of himself that he often betrays his conservative leanings and for big government policies. Like a slugger in baseball, Newt is more likely to strike out than get a hit but he is also the most likely to hit a home run. If he were to win, Newt is the most likely candidate to actually accomplish some of the changes we need.

The Romney campaign now depends on the early capitulation of other candidates. It depends on primary voters believing that he is the inevitable victor. It depends upon the fraud that only Romney can win. And it depends on conservatives buying the fraud that Romney will actually be different than Obama. Here is hoping the voters in South Carolina, Florida, and the states to come don't succumb to the fraud.

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