Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Obama Says Chew Your Cud.

Obama's contraceptive mandate is an assault on all freedom.  This mandate is applauded by cud-chewing ruminants who, like cattle in finishing pens happy to be fed, are oblivious to their fate.  The government that can force contraceptives be to given to you, can also force you to take them or deny them to you. 
In Obama's Orwellian world he will tell you what you will do and you will shut your mouth and comply. Today he tells employers to give female employees contraceptives for free.  It doesn't matter if they have religious or any other objections. They have no choice. Tomorrow he may decide that America's carbon footprint is too big and tell female employees they must use contraception. It won't matter if they have religious or other objections. They will have no choice. He may decide that we need more births to solve the social security crisis and ban contraception. It won't matter if anyone has religious or other objections. They will have no choice.

The cud-chewers may protest that things would never get so extreme. “Look how this nice man is putting corn in the bin” they say, “he would never send us to the slaughter house.” That nice man Barack Obama is of the same mindset as the rulers in China where forced abortions are the norm. The people have no choice. The nice men make the decisions and the cud-chewers stay in their pens until they are slaughtered.

Barack Obama is already telling you what he will allow you to put in your body. 

It doesn't matter if you choose to avail yourself of the benefits of drinking raw milk. Barack Obama has declared that you cannot make that choice. He has sent SWAT teams to dairy cooperatives in California and U.S. marshal's to Amish farms in Pennsylvania to seize and destroy the raw milk they choose to produce and that people choose to drink. Chew your cud.

It doesn't matter if you have glaucoma, or cancer, or MS, or depression, or chronic pain, and know that 
marijuana is a better alternative for you than the toxic stew of chemicals most doctors would prescribe to you. It doesn't matter if you follow the laws of your state. Barack Obama says your state laws don't matter and he won't allow you to make that choice. Take the toxic cocktail instead of the natural plant or suffer. Or die. Chew your cud. Your time is coming anyway.

Barack Obama sent an inspector to an elementary school to force a 4 year old girl to eat an approved lunch. The mother's choice lunch of turkey and cheese sandwich, potato chips, banana, and apple juice wasn't good enough for the feds. No, the poor little four year old girl was intimidated into eating chicken nuggets made from the left-over scrapings from the slaughter house floor because that is what the government decreed. Chew your cud, your turn is getting closer.

Do you want to store toxic chemicals in your home? It doesn't matter what you think.  You can't make that choice. You can't use the lightbulb you want. You must use the lightbulb the government tells you to use even though it contains the deadly toxic element mercury. You must use it even though breaking a bulb might poison you. You don't get to choose. Just chew your cud. You are next in line.

In the world of Barack Obama you don't have freedom of religion or freedom of choice. In Barack Obama's world you don't have freedom period. You eat what you are fed and you do what you are told. What he gives he can take away. What he mandates he can ban. The cud-chewers are happy to have free contraceptives today. Will they be happy when they are forced to take them? Will they be happy when they are banned?

To be fair it isn't just Barack Obama who wants to extinguish personal freedom. In some ways he is just a metaphor for all the statists who have worked to expand the power of government far beyond what the constitution permits. There have been plenty of drivers on both sides of the aisle taking a shift driving the long train of abuses. But he is more than a metaphor. Barack Obama is the one now putting the pedal to the metal and speeding the train to the slaughterhouse.

It doesn't matter whether you are for contraception or against it.  It doesn't matter whether you drink raw milk or not.  It doesn't matter whether you like pot or school lunches, traditional or curlicue light bulbs. The only issue is whether we are a people free to choose how to live our lives or simply cud chewers waiting our turn in the slaughterhouse.

The "Compromise" isn't.
All of ObamaCare is Unconstitutional
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  1. > It doesn't matter if they have religious or any other objections.

    Yes, that's right. If you think your crazy sky god doesn't want you to use contraceptives then don't. Your superstitions don't mean you get to say what other people do.

    Bit like how you have Muslim cab drivers refusing dogs or people with alcohol. Their religion doesn't trump other people's access to service.

  2. Your lack of "superstitions" don't give you the right to dictate what others must do. Understand the social contract. Google the constitution and see what is protected and what isn't, what the government can do and what it can't. If you are unwilling to do so then don't whine when some bureaucrat starts telling you that you must do whatever it is they decide. If you want any freedom to make your own choices you need to grant the same to others.

    You want contraceptives? Buy them yourself. The same government that has the power to force others to purchase them has the power to force you not use them, or force you to use them.

  3. Guess forced sterilizations will be next. Thanks to the irrisponsible entitled 47%.