Saturday, February 11, 2012

Obama's Contraception Compromise is Another Attack

First Obama hit the Church in the nose with his mandate that schools and hospitals include contraception in the health care plans. Next he beat the Church with a bat with his "compromise" that would force the Church itself to directly provide contraceptive coverage. It is time to see this exemplar of mendacity for what he is and condemn him with uncompromising clarity.

The original rule put forth by the Obama administration provided an exemption for the Catholic Church itself while forcing hospitals and schools run by the Church to provide contraceptive services in violation of Church teaching. In response the Catholic community erupted in protest with an uncommon unity between conservatives and progressives. In order to defuse the protest the mendacious Obama has modified the rule in such a way as to force the Church to pay for contraceptive services while destroying the unity created by the first rule. The change provides cover for those who reject the Church's teaching but don't want to be in open rebellion. It is a diabolical move that is transparently fraudulent.

The "compromise" rule declares that all insurance companies must provide contraceptive and abortifacient services free of charge.  Since things which are given away for "free" must still be paid for this means that all insurance companies will have to raise their rates for all their policy holders to cover these services.  That means everyone who purchases insurance will be paying for services regardless of whether they find the services to be immoral.  This includes, at a minimum, any church which does not self-insure and perhaps those as well. 

Obama is not acting in good faith. He is wielding coercion, deception, and misdirection in order to force his view of the proper moral order on everyone. This should be offensive to anyone who places the slightest value on personal liberty.  It should be offensive to anyone who has even minimal respect for the rule of law.

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