Friday, February 03, 2012

Romney's Parrot Speaks

Jeffrey Kuhner, one of Mitt Romney's pet parrots, is at it again.  Writing in the Washington Times, Mr. Kuhner emits words without any apparent comprehension of their meaning.

Kuhner says Romney would be the first nominee since President Reagan to be able to defend Republican positions effectively. Right. “I don't care about the poor” was a sterling defense of the opportunity society.
Romney spent “most of his life in the private sector, running a successful business and turning around troubled corporations.” Hardly. Name two. Romney cashed in on the misfortune of others but has no record as a job creator.
Romney understands free-market capitalism? He has no experience with it – only the crony capitalism that sets up special rules and favors for Wall Street and he is so timid about his wealth that he feel compelled to engaged in class warfare (the $200,000 dividing line) in order to get elected. And is willing to sell us out to do so. This school girl crush on Romney as a turn around specialist is ridiculous on it's face. The crushing burden of the federal government is not a management problem. It is a philosophy and communication problem. Liberty championed in an inspiring way that generates the support to force the fed back into its constitutional boundaries is what is needed. Gingrich has done that. Romney has never tried.
Mr. Kuhner must be a disciple of Goebbels and believe that repeating falsehoods will make them true. Romney is more electable? He lost to the loser.
Some of Kuhner's criticism's of Gingrich are accurate. Some are just mudballs looking for a place to stick. But the idea that Gingrich, who wanders off the reservation at times but who has an unparallelled record of success in achieving victories for conservatism, is more of a risk than Romney is absurd.

Romney's record is as a progressive. He may be saying some of the right words today but who can be sure he believes them. Consider his wavering on immigration. In the early debates Romney accused Gingrich of favoring amnesty because he acknowledges that we won't be rounding up and deporting neighbors who have lived and worked here for 20 years. Now, when pressed in the debate, Romney circles all the way around to Gingrich's position while feigning outrage that Gingrich calls him the most anti-immigrant candidate.

Romney has proven that he will say whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear. He sticks his finger up in the air, figures out which way the wind is blowing, and then decides what his “core principles” are. That may be better than the mendacious statist we have in the White House but it isn't inspiring enough to succeed in kicking him out.

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