Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Simple Solution

There is a false subtext infusing the debate around the federal government's mandating that contraceptive coverage be included in every insurance plan. The falsehood is that a choice must be made between respecting the rights of one group or another. The supporters of ObamaCare push this lie. In their minds if an employer exercises his right not to offer an insurance plan with contraceptive coverage then the employer is, in effect, denying the employee the right to choose contraceptive coverage. The elephant in the room, which the left pretends doesn't exist and the right acknowledges but won't talk about, is that the only reason rights are in conflict is because government has injected itself where it doesn't belong.

The hypocrisy exhibited by the supporters of ObamaCare is galling. It was Obama and his supporters who rammed through ObamaCare to allow the government to intrude into this most sensitive area of our lives. It was Obama and his supporters who gave the government power to decide what will and will not be covered.  It is they who provoked this conflict and now they hysterically wail that the right wants to impose its taliban morality on strong, independent women, who can't procure contraceptives unless one of their possible Daddy's, the government, or their employer, gives it to them.  To these people, who seem to view women as helpless creatures, unable to procure anything for themselves, the rights of religious people to live according their conscience, must give way to a woman's right to use contraception. The supporters of ObamaCare are the only ones trying to force anyone to do anything.

There is only a conflict of rights when the government interjects itself.  When the government declares that it will decide what can and cannot, what must and must not, be included in health insurance, it creates conflict.  It is the left which brought about this conflict. It is the left who let the government beast loose to create conflict over health care.

There is a simple solution to this conflict. It is one that the howlers on the left, who are so hysterically denouncing the oppression that would be visited upon them if the rights of employers are respected, will reject out of hand. The solution is to get the government out of health care.  All the way out.

If the government stays out of health care then it does not create conflicts. If it doesn't mandate that one thing must be covered and another must not then it isn't discriminating. If the government isn't instructing employers on what they must cover then they aren't infringing upon an employer's 1st amendment rights.

It isn't enough for the government to simply repeal ObamaCare. The government has been interjecting itself, and creating conflict long before ObamaCare.

Ever since the federal government showed a favoritism for employers over employees they have been creating conflict. There is no reason for there to be favoritism for an employer over an employee. No reason that health expenses are deductible from the first dime for an employer but not until after a high percent of wages for an employee.  It unfair and creates a conflict between the employers preferences and the employees preferences.  There is no need for this.

If the government gets its nose out of healthcare, and stops favoring employers, everyone's right's can be respected. I can buy whatever coverage I want and you can buy whatever coverage you want.  The solution is simple.  It is a simple solution.

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  1. You do know that similar laws predate Obama right?

    And Medicare, that's a government program, you know that too right?

    Oh and every Western nation has state run health care and it works quite well for them.

    Facts! Don't you just hate them?

  2. You are blathering incoherently again. No - this severe an intrusion is unprecedented. Yes, I know Medicare is a government program. Do you know it is a financial disaster? Are you aware of how bankrupt virtually all the western nations are? Facts! You aren't familiar with them.

    Please come back when you have something intelligent to say.