Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Illegitimate President

I do not concede that Barack Obama was legitimately elected President. The reason is not because his secrecy regarding passports, draft records, SS #, college admissions, raise suspicion that he may have disqualifying secrets. I'm willing to accept that he is constitutionally qualified to be President. The reason is not that I  think he was illegitimately elected in 2008. I have no doubt that he got more votes than McCain - the desire for a change from the Republican party and the enthusiasm for electing the first Black President was palpable. I do not acknowledge Barack Obama as the President because I believe he, and the Democratic party, committed massive voter fraud and vote tampering and stole the election.

Prior to the election there was near unanimous agreement that voter enthusiasm was down among Democrats  and substantially stronger among Republicans. Something on the order of 8 million fewer voters overall turned out to vote in 2012 than in 2008. In 2008 Obama's popular vote margin was approximately 9.5 million. This election, Obama's reported margin was approximately 2.7 million.  Even if there was no increase in Republican turnout in 2012 over 2008, and the decline in votes for Obama was no more than the overall decline in votes, Obama's margin should have been no more than 1.5 million votes.  In a year when everyone was acknowledging that there was far greater enthusiasm on the Republican side, in a year when virtually all anecdotal reports were of very heavy turnout in Republican precincts, we have to believe that the Republican vote shrunk by 2.9 million votes. If we are to believe the reported returns then we have to believe the Democrats and the make it up media instead of our lying eyes.

We should believe our lying eyes.

Our eyes have seen the Democrats fight every effort to ensure the integrity of the vote by requiring voter ID. Our eyes saw poll workers wearing  Obama hats in violation of election law. Our eyes saw Republican thrown out of Pennsylvania poling places. Our eyes saw Federal government vehicles being used illegally to ferry voters to the polls. Our eyes saw millions of dead people kept on the voter rolls and our eyes saw our military personnel denied the opportunity to vote by the willful violation of the law which required the DoD to establish voting assistance centers and the failure to send out absentee ballots to military voters in a timely fashion. And our eyes saw electronic voting machines record votes cast for Romney repeatedly recorded as a vote for Obama. Very similarly, in the Democratic bastion of Prince George's County, Maryland, votes against same sex marriage were  recorded as a vote in favor of same sex marriage.

Can I prove that there was systematic voter fraud and vote tampering in this election? No I cannot. Likewise, it is impossible to prove that there was no systematic voter fraud and vote tampering. By not requiring voter ID we have made it impossible to verify that the people casting votes are entitled to cast votes. By utilizing electronic voting we have made it impossible to verify that the votes counted are the same as the votes cast. There is now no rational reason to accept the reported results of any election as legitimate.   We know that political parties, particularly the Democrats, are willing to engage in voter fraud and tampering. We know they are willing to violate election law. And we know that there is no way to prove or disprove allegations of vote tampering and voter fraud because of the Democrats resistance to voter ID.

Eric Holder, appointed by Obama as Attorney General, has opposed every effort to ensure the integrity of elections by requiring that potential voters prove they are who they claim to be.  The only reason to oppose this is in order to commit fraud. There is no reason to believe otherwise just as there is no reason to believe that votes cast for Romney showed up as a vote for Obama by accident.

I believe the reported election results that are being used to claim Obama was reelected are fraudulent.  If our system of voting was legitimate it would be possible to disprove my assertion. It can't be done because our system of voting is unverifiable and therefore illegitimate. Until we have a verifiable system of voting we cannot have a legitimate election and therefor cannot have a legitimate president. We have no democracy. We have no Republic.We have no rule of law and the government has no legitimate claim to the respect or allegiance of the citizenry.

Until we return to a verifiable system of voting Obama will have no more legitimate claim to the Presidency than Hugo Chavez.


  1. I call it a grass roots campaign and a massive get out the vote effort directed towards a historically lethargic segment of the population. I also call bullshit on your claim because republicans do what they can to suppress the vote more than anyone. I also think you are petty and just have sand in your panties.

  2. When something doesn't smell right, it usually isn't. Nothing about this election smells right. A president who can't get people to rallies (while Romney's are huge), in the worst economy we can remember, refusing aid to our ambassador, defying all polling, etc etc etc and we are to believe he easily won? No, something is very wrong here.

  3. Districts in Philly that illegally kicked out GOP observers had 90% turnout w/99% voting Obama-- the rest of the city averaged 60% turnout---